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why sizzlepig?

-because every last detail counts.

Whether you’re a graphic designer, art director, production artist or photographer, there is one problem in common. Images placed in multiple places - whether it’s a website, blog, publication, social media etc. - it has become far too difficult to control how the images get cropped.

Until now.

sizzlepig is the most efficient way to achieve the results you’ve been wanting. It’s super easy to set up a project. Try it free today.

for designers and art directors

- because you care
(and it's your job).

Graphic designers and art directors spend countless hours making their work perfect. Everything is exacting; to the pixel.

Then comes automation. Or production work (all the images that need to be placed in your final design).

If you care about how every single image looked, you’re probably cropping and scaling many of the images manually, mostly because you tried a script and half of the images had the important stuff cut off.

Of course you could make a script that would fix some of them, but then you’re managing scripts, folders, versions, (AHHH make it stop!)

Until now. sizzlepig puts all of those images in one place. It lets you resize and crop each image for a project all on one page. You can tweak compression, and easily add image suffixes.

So try it free - we’ll make your production work easy.

calculate your time savings

Plug some numbers into the boxes below and we'll calculate how much time you can save by switching to sizzlepig. (Or, check out a real world comparison, where we've already crunched the numbers for a typical project.)

How many minutes does it take to:
Research and write a resize script?
Manually scale/crop an image?
Review an image to evaluate the types of script needed?
Enter the quantities of your images:
Number of source images?
Number of sizes per image?

batch processing - (total time: 0 hours 0 mins.)

sizzlepig - (total time: 0 hours 0 mins.)

you saved:

(if you used sizzlepig, that is)

Try it out. We'll save you time right away!

That’s where sizzlepig comes in. We ingeniously allow you to crop and scale every single image quick and easily. With no reworking of scripts or manually cropping and scaling ones that are cutting off. It’ll make you a star.

And if you’re a freelance production artist; go ahead and take on more work and get it done in less than half the time.

So give us a try for free - you’ll never want to batch process again.

for production artists

- because you're not a machine.

You’re a human being. Let’s face it, batch processing thousands of images is what a machine does; it’s like an assembly line. The problem is, the assembly line breaks as soon as you have to change or alter one image.

Example of sizzlepig cropping and scaling (all on one page).

for photographers

- because it’s what people pay for.

You have the vision. You’ve taken the image, cropped the image meticulously to acheive the perfect composition.

Now you have to put it online. Blogs, social media, photography sites, etc.

The problem is, many of these websites automatically resize and crop, with little or no control. We’re talking thumbnails, feature images, all that fun stuff. Half the time your images get cut off in ways that destroy your work.

We fix this simply - by allowing you to create blueprints of all the sizes you need for wherever you’re publishing – and letting you easily manage the way they are cropped right down to the pixel.

Try it out (free!) - you’ll be amazed at how quickly you can set up any size project, while maintaining the integrity you intended.

set up all sizes quickly

In ways that Lightroom or Aperture can’t even do

So what are you waiting for? Try it Free today!

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