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sizzlepig. the most powerful tool for resizing images.

we make it easier for you:

Create all of your image sizes in one place.

Change cropping and scaling for each image.

Create and manage as many projects as you need.

No need to know or deal with batch scripts ever again.

the blueprint

Easily create all of the image sizes for your digital needs

The blueprint makes it easy. Create all of the sizes you need in one place; sizzlepig applies these to an entire folder of images. And each size has its own adjustment, compression type, and suffix. Easily add and delete depending on your project needs.

blueprint toolbar.

Does more than complex scripts could ever do.


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Easily adjust every image size in one place.

It’s as simple as clicking any image on the fine-tune page. You can move it around in the window, and scale it. When you are done fine-tuning, simply click "process images" and it saves the images just the way you want them. No other tool makes cropping and scaling this easy.

Other fine-tuning features

Easily replace file - Saves all cropping and scaling

Indicator allows you to keep track of which images have been fine-tuned

Revert all of the fine-tunings, or revert individually

Choose which images to view to speed up workflow


Manage and create projects with ease.

sizzlepig makes it easy to set up, create, and manage your projects. You can view and see the status all of your projects in one place, and easily delete projects you no longer need.

Your workflow has been re-invented.

*based on 200 original images, 3 different sizes

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