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  1. What is sizzlepig?
    sizzlepig is a super-simple image resizing tool that helps you resize a whole folder of images to different sizes and aspect ratios at one time. It fits within your current production workflow, replacing your current manual or script-based resizing, giving you complete visual control over the crop and scale of every image prior to processing. It is perfect for establishing consistency and quality in your image resizes whether you are creating an integrated digital brand experience or just want control of how your images are presented in any size.
  2. How does it work?
    You choose where you want to get your original images (either upload them directly, or pull them from Box, Google Drive, Dropbox, or your Enterprise solution) set up a project to let sizzlepig know the sizes and specs of the resizes you need to make, and sizzlepig lets you take a look at previews of your resizes and fine tune them if you wish before you process them. You can even create retina versions of your resizes at the same time. Processing takes an average of .34 seconds per image and your images are ready to download, if you uploaded them directly, or are placed in the folder you designated during the project set up.
  3. I'm sold. Tell me where to sign up.
    Just click to sign up and we'll get you started right away.
  4. Do I have to use Dropbox?
    No, you can use Box or Google Drive or even upload images directly on the cloud. If you are an Enterprise user your business can work with sizzlepig to set up a custom integration.
  5. What is the difference between Full Dropbox and Private Dropbox?
    You can give sizzlepig full access to your Dropbox so we can let you choose any folder for your project or you can use a private option with Dropbox that only gives sizzlepig access to a specific folder, Apps/sizzlepig, in your Dropbox.

    We recommend that you use the Full Dropbox.
  6. Can I carry my files between my regular Dropbox folders and my private Apps/sizzlepig folder?
    Sure. Copy and paste the files in Dropbox to whichever folder you prefer. If you have output the files to your Dropbox and accidentally delete the files from your output folder, sizzlepig will recreate outputs next time you process. Be sure that you want the files to recreate or leave a copy in the output folder in order to avoid reprocessing images.
  7. Where is my private sizzlepig folder in Dropbox?
    If you choose to connect to Dropbox using the private folder option you will find your private folder under Apps/sizzlepig in your Dropbox folder directory structure.
  8. Why don't I see any folders when starting with the private Dropbox option?
    In order to use the private Dropbox option, you need to add your folders of images into the Apps/sizzlepig folder in your Dropbox. sizzlepig does not have access to any folders in your Dropbox outside of that folder.

    Once you've added in folders, refresh your dropbox connection in sizzlepig, and you can choose from the folders you have added.
  9. Why should I use Box, Dropbox, or Google Drive?
    If you are not an Enterprise user, we strongly recommend using sizzlepig with either Box, Dropbox, or Google Drive. The integrations with these programs allow sizzlepig to automatically know when you have added or changed images in a folder that you have assigned to a project. We think you'll find all of them easy to work with.
  10. Can I access sizzlepig on my mobile device?
    Yes, once you have registered via the website, we have not optimized for mobile yet. It is easier to use on a larger interface such as an iPad.
  11. How do I add or upload files to sizzlepig?
    At any time, you can add new images to the input folder you designated when setting up your project, and sizzlepig will add them to your project. If you are using direct upload, there is a button in your project that says "Add more images". For more details, visit the sizzlepig tutorial.
  12. Is there an upload file size limit?
    No, you can load in your full res images.
    Loading full res images from Box, Google Drive, Dropbox or from a designated folder in sizzlepig Enterprise is really fast, but it takes a bit longer to upload them directly from the browser as it is dependant on your interent connection speed.
  13. Do you have planned enhancements?
    Yes, plenty. We will be rolling out many new features and will keep sizzlepig users posted via the blog and email as they become available. Also, sign up with us on Twitter and Facebook to always get the latest news.
  14. Are you going to work with any other cloud storage programs?
    Right now, we have integrations with Box, Dropbox and Google Drive. If you have unique needs or want to integrate with a system you're already using, drop us a line to talk about Enterprise use. We'll try to work something out with you.
  15. Why do you only support JPG and PNG formats?
    sizzlepig is primarily designed for creating great images for all of your digital needs. JPG and PNG are the most common image formats for online and device images. We will be adding GIF formats in the near future. We are also considering PSD, RAW and TIF files for the source (input) formats in order to get you going quicker.
  16. What image formats can I create with sizzlepig?
    Right now, we support JPG and PNG. JPG is saved as either low, medium or high compression settings. You can also create a jpg using the "JPG size" setting and specify a maximum K or MB size. Every original image can be resized into multiple compression settings and image sizes at one time.
  17. Will you add other image formats in the future?
    Yes. We will be supporting GIF for input and output formats. We are looking into PSD, TIF and RAW for input formats. Follow sizzlepig on Twitter and Facebook to get the latest news on all enhancements.
  18. What image types impact the timing in production?
    Currently we support two image types - JPG and PNG. There isn't really much difference in timing for processing these image types. We will be adding different image types in the future, which may take longer to process. Follow sizzlepig on Twitter and like us on Facebook to get the latest news on all enhancements.
  19. What is input/output?
    The input is the original (source) image that you will want to have resized. The output is the final resized images.
  20. How do I increase my position in the queue?
    If you have a unique or urgent need, please contact us.
  21. What is Unsharp Masking?
    Unsharp Masking, contrary to how the name sounds, is sharpening images. It is particularly helpful when scaling down images. When a computer scales an image, it tends to get slightly blurred. This is because it is averaging some pixels together to create a smaller pixel. Unsharp masking actually first blurs a copy of an image a specified amount, sharpens the blurred version, and adds it to the final image. We use an automatic form of Unsharpening, which factors in the original size and how much you are reducing it to achieve the optimum result. To find out more about Unsharp Masking and why it is important check out the sizzlepig blog.
  22. What is a Blueprint?
    The blueprint is a visual plan for your image resizes. When you set up a blueprint you choose the size and settings for each resize you wish to create.
  23. How do I create a Blueprint?
    On the projects page, choose create a new project and then choose Blueprint. For more detail, visit the sizzlepig tutorial.
  24. How do I add a project?
    Go to the projects page and choose to create a new project. For more detail, visit the sizzlepig tutorial.
  25. How do I input images?
    If you are using sizzlepig on the cloud you can either load your images into Box, Google Drive or Dropbox and then choose that folder when you create a new project. You can also upload images directly into a project. For more detail, visit the sizzlepig tutorial.
  26. How do I fine tune images?
    You can see the output of a project as you scroll down the page. Simply use the visual controls, or click directly on an image to access more settings. For more detail, visit the sizzlepig tutorial-finetune.
  27. How do I Add a Blueprint?
    Simply add a new project and adjust the pre-set Blueprint to meet your needs and save the Blueprint. For more detail, take the sizzlepig tour.
  28. Does sizzlepig work with cms tools like Wordpress, Joomla or Drupal?
    We are planning on creating plug-ins that will easily link up with Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal and others. We'll keep you posted. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest news on sizzlepig.

    You can still prepare images with sizzlepig, and manually upload them to any of these tools, or create a 'duplicate folder' action on your server. sizzlepig still makes it a lot easier to resize images, as well as multiple instances of the same image at different sizes. sizzlepig also makes it easy to adjust if you need to remove a few pixels from of an image - which often happens when adjusting the layout of websites. Simply adjust the Blueprint image size and re-process.
  29. How come I can't enlarge or stretch an image?
    We believe in great quality. Blowing up an image destroys the quality of an image. It becomes blurry and substandard. If you want to blow up an image, do it in Photoshop and bring it in. Better yet, find a larger version of the image, rescan it larger, or find a similar larger image. This also applies to stretching. Usually stretching is a mistake, and any professional website doesn't want a stretched version of their product showing up. We simply don't allow it, so the mistake of stretching never happens.
  30. sizzlepig is telling me my image is too small. Why is that?
    At the top of each image group is the width and height dimensions of the original image. If this number is smaller than one of the images in the Blueprint, it won't show up. We don't make images larger because it will destroy the quality of the images and makes them substandard.
  31. How do I delete an image?
    If you are loading your images in from Box, Google Drive, Dropbox or custom folder, delete the original image in the folder. If you are using upload, there is a delete button to the far right of your image on the project page. For more information, visit the sizzlepig tutorial.
  32. How do I delete a project?
    To delete a project go to the project page and click the "x" that shows up on the top right corner of the project when you scroll over it. Remember, deleting a project doesn't delete any images that you downloaded or output to a folder. If you need to delete those files you must do it in the output folder. For more detail, visit the sizzlepig tutorial.
  33. What are the different pricing options you have?
    You can view our full pricing and our payment plans and billing. You can also contact us to discuss Enterprise options or get a customized demo of sizzlepig.
  34. How do I cancel my plan?
    We're sad to see you go. If you don't need sizzlepig anymore, you can cancel your plan by contacting us. Don't worry, everything that's in Dropbox will stay intact and you can re-activate your account at any time. You will be paid up through and have service through your current subscription term. Your service will then be discontinued on your monthly or annual Anniversary Date. Do you mind sharing why you are leaving?
  35. Do you offer custom plans or plans with even more capacity?
    We would be happy to discuss plan options if one of our plans doesn't meet your needs. Please contact us with your request.
  36. When will I be billed? How often?
    You will be billed immediately upon signing up for one of our plans. Depending on the billing frequency you select, monthly or yearly, will dictate whether you are billed on your Monthly Subscription Anniversary Date or your Annual Subscription Anniversary Date. The Pay As You Go plan will be billed monthly on your Monthly Anniversary Date. For more information, have a look at our Terms.
  37. Can I upgrade my plan?
    Want more of sizzlepig? You can upgrade your plan level or billing frequency at any time. Please refer to our Terms for more information.
  38. Who will be able to see my images?
    sizzlepig does not currently allow you to share your images with anyone, unless you are using sizzlepig for Enterprises.
    You can share your cloud storage folder of input and output images if you are connected through Box, Google Drive or Dropbox. Enterprise users can share projects and folders with all users in their Enterprise installation.
  39. What is your privacy policy?
    We do not share your information. Please view our privacy policy for full details.
  40. How secure is sizzlepig?
    All content collected and stored on sizzlepig is protected using SSL. sizzlepig houses minimal account data and your credit card information is stored in Stripe, also SSL protected. Please view our Privacy Policy, our Payments and Billings Policy and our Terms of Use Policy for greater details.
  41. How secure is sizzlepig Enterprise?
    Enterprise solutions are protected according to the chosen image hosted environment.
  42. Where is sizzlepig hosted?
    sizzlepig is hosted using Amazon's Web Services. For more information about this hosting facility, please visit AWS.



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