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There are a lot of ways to resize images - Photoshop scripts, CSS/JS-resizing, sprites, Content Management Systems (CMS), site administration systems and more. However, these solutions are restricting, so you end up settling for the lowest common denominator.

We created the Designer Shootout to compare one of the ways to resize (photoshop scripts) with sizzlepig.

designer 1

  • A Photoshop action was created for each crop, which records a set of commands (i.e. Image>Image Size, Canvas Size, Crop, Trim, etc)
  • A batch was then used with the action (File>automate>Batch...)
  • To do this correctly, the designer had to evaluate the images first, then put them in separate folders so it was easier to run a custom batch process.
  • After the batch was run, the designer had to review the images, then manually resize the ones that just didn’t work right in the batch. This required having to dig around in folders to find the original images again, which is more time-consuming.

designer 2

  • sizzlepig was used to import the images, resize and process.
  • There was no need to evaluate the images, only create the sizes needed.
  • Different types of cropping is available within the sizzlepig Blueprint for the project, allowing images to be approximately placed.
  • There was no need to review the images after processing. This is done beforehand all within the project, where you can change the cropping and scaling of each image individually (called fine-tuning). This is impossible with batch processing.
  • Processing happens after all of the images are exactly the way you want them.

Get back to designing.

*based on 200 original images, 3 different sizes | calculate

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