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Regain creative control of your images.

Imagine a cloud-based tool that allows you to resize multiple images (yes, entire folders) right before your eyes. No scripts, no guesswork. Scale, crop, edit and preview, before your final images are ever created.

real quotes from satisfied customers

"Really love the site, it's helped my company a ton! and I'm not stuck resizing images in photoshop all day."

- Kyle, American Sale

"sizzlepig turned 9 or 10 actions into 2 or 3 actions."

- graphic artist, TDI

"...eliminates much of the Photoshop guesswork, giving you more control and allowing you to make more decisions faster."

- graphic artist, TDI

"I love the service, it saved me a lot of time!"

- Luke Geiger, Luke Geiger Creative

"Bottom line: a brilliant service worth paying for."

- Yaara Lancet, MakeUseOf

A folder of images. A ton of devices.

Images today need to be created in a multitude of sizes – and if you care about how they look, you will most likely be cropping them one at a time, instead of using batch scripts or an automatic website script, so the important stuff doesn't get cut off.

This can be overwhelming, and if you have a ton of images, you might just give up altogether and say to yourself, "It's good enough – no one will notice."

We've been there.

This is why we created sizzlepig. It's the only tool that allows you to manage multiple sizes for an entire folder of images. And it's super easy. Try it free and see for yourself.

sizzlepig: the basics:

Easy editing (fine-tune)

Even the best image resizing script requires a human touch. With sizzlepig, you see your resized images before they're created. Crop, scale, adjust, all in real time. Once you're happy, click process and sizzlepig does the rest.

Manage projects with ease.

sizzlepig allows you to create many projects for all your website needs, which allows you to easily add images to a website, and crop and scale the images precisely for the entire lifetime of your site.

blueprints – the easiest way to manage multiple image sizes.

Blueprints help create all the images sizes you need in one place, set the compression, add file suffixes, and arrange the images so they are easy to review – all on one page. If images are too large for the browser, you can also preview the image smaller in the page, and when processed, will be the size you specified.

Getting social images right shouldn't be so hard.

sizzlepig is also perfect for Facebook, Twitter, and any blog or zine to which your image may
need to go. Simply add all the sizes to a blueprint, process, and they're ready to go!

What if Facebook or Twitter changes its layout and image sizes? No problem. sizzlepig
keeps the original size of your image, all you have to do is update the size in your blueprint.

sizzlepig for business:

Wherever your images are, we can bring it all together.

Find out more

If you need to grab your images from other places besides Box, Dropbox, Google Drive or uploading from your hard drive, we can make a custom solution for your needs. sizzlepig for busness will allow sizzlepig to live on your own servers if needed.

The perfect complement to Photoshop.

We love Photoshop. The stuff it does is magical. But when it comes to resizing and cropping a folder of images to a bunch of sizes, it isn’t engineered to do that easily. Sure, you can do it, but the time it takes to create all the scripts that have to be written for each size can be extensive.

Not only that, you don’t see the result of a batch action until it’s done. Then you have to review all of the images (in a folder on your computer, which isn’t that easy), see which ones need to be fixed, and decide whether to run a separate batch action or manually resize it to the proper dimensions.

With sizzlepig, you can see all of the sizes you need on one page, and fix any image that is getting cut off - all before even saving the image (yes, you heard that right!)

Keep using Photoshop, just save out one full-size image (jpg, png, tif), drop it in sizzlepig, create a blueprint of your image sizes, adjust the crop/scale, and process. Done. In a quarter of the time. Want to see how much time you can save? Check out our savings calculator.

So what are you waiting for? Try it Free today!

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